30 Day Flight (Day 5/100)


30 days off with wanderlust? Fly, literally, around the world for minimal cost by taking advantage of air routes. You won’t get the deep connect that you would by spending 30 days in one place, but if seeing a lot of places in a short amount of time is your game, this might just be the best route.

One word of caution; this trip traverses every time zone, an entire 24h of time change, and if you’re not careful the jetlag will ruin you. Plan accordingly, though, and use it to your advantage, and you will see some of the most incredible sights in the world.

The flights listed below can regularly be bought for less than 2000CAD (1500USD/£/€) but only if they’re booked such that almost all of the stops are considered layovers within your journey to one place (i.e. Auckland). I don’t often use travel agents, but when trying to book a trip as complex as this, it’s well worth their modest fee. Home base for me is Canada, but you could just as easily start in any major North American city.

  1. Depart Toronto, Canada (YYZ)
  2. San Francisco, US (SFO)2 days
    There’s always something new in Silicon Valley. Perhaps not the most exotic place but it breaks up the flying time and there’s a surprising amount to do in this city – ride the street cars, see the bridge, go to the beach – whatever your flavour.
  3. Honolulu, US (HNL)3 days
    Some might say Hawaii is too commercialized but aside from the chain stores and luxury hotel lines there is incredible beauty and a very warm people. Mixing the tropics some familiarities of home, Honolulu is a great way to break an overly-long flight up and enjoy some waves and volcanos for a few days.
  4. Hanoi, Vietnam (HAN) – 5 days (+1)
    This could be any city in Southeast Asia! They’re all offered as layovers and they all have their own personality. Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh are all popular options among many, many other inspiring Southeast Asia cities.
  5. Sydney, Australia (SYD)3 days (+1)
    Everyone I know has dreamed of going to Australia and there’s been no better time. Definitely stay a few extra days on the way to Kiwi if you’ve got the time. The opera houses are what everyone thinks of but there’s so much more to Sydney and Australia as a whole. Get out there and explore and, if you have more time, get a rental and cruise the gold coast.
  6. Auckland, New Zealand (AKL)4 days
    You’ve arrived at your official destination! Because Auckland can’t really get further away flight-wise from Toronto, there are numerous layovers available which make this whole trip possible. 4 days isn’t much so make the best of it – perhaps a short domestic flight to Christchurch for some bungie jumping and sky diving? Renting a camper van is another good option or you could opt to just spend your time in and around Auckland. Whichever you choose, make sure you go for a curry pie and enjoy the Kiwi life.
  7. Dubai, UAE (DXB)2 days (+1)
    Opulence on an unheard-of scale is the norm in Dubai. A city which, in comparison to most major world hubs, is incredibly young – barely recognizable from its early self just a few decades ago. Countless engineering wonders and a testimate to the unfathomable wealth this oil-laden state has accumulated. Dubai isn’t cheap so if you’re on a budget maybe it’s best to skip and spend a little extra time in New Zealand or Europe.
  8. Frankfurt, Germany (FRA)5 days
    This could really be any major city in Europe such as London, Paris or Madrid. Take ad
  9. Reykjavik, Iceland (RKV)3 days
    Iceland has long been an adamant supporter of the layover concept and there are often promotions for cheap layover options. Iceland has a culture all its own and incredible sights but perhaps the most incredible is Thingvellir park where with just a snorkel you can dive a few meters down and touch two tectonic plates – touching Europe and North America simultaneously.
  10. Return Home 

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  1. This is such a great way to get around and see lots of places in a short space of time! So handy for people with limited annual leave for example, and so on


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