The Only 3 Lenses You Need (Canon)

Too often newcomers into the world of photography and DSLR cameras focus on the body and model number when the glass is far more important. Without quality lenses, sized to the application, you’ll never reach the potential of even the most basic DSLR body.

For my use I divide cameras into waterproof and ‘not-so-waterproof’. I know you can get waterproof DSLRs and fancy cases but I’ve never bothered – simply relying on a waterproof point & shoot and a collection of Go-Pro’s for anything underwater. I’ll put some words together on my underwater setup in the future but today I’d like to introduce you to what I think is the best combination of Canon lenses dollar-for-dollar.

There are definitely nicer lenses and there are definitely cheaper lenses, but these are the three I use and they cover the basics and, in my opinion, give incredible picture quality for the cost.

  • 70-200mm f/4L USM-EF
    Dollar for dollar this is probably the best telephoto (zoom) lens on the market. The image stabilized (IS) version is nice if you don’t usually have a tripod and the F/2.8 version has obvious benefits for bokeh but they come at a high cost. I use the basic version and I don’t think the added features are worth the cost.
  • 24-105mm f/4L IS USM-EF
    Combined with the 70-200mm above, these two lenses cover-off 98% of the situations you might find yourself in. Incredible image quality as would be expected from L-series glass and in a compact size that’s perfect for just walking around.
  • 50mm f/1.8 STM-EF
    Some of the cheapest lenses Canon makes, the 50mm prime lenses provide incredible bokeh for portrait or close-up shots in small, lightweight and simple packages.
    lens image 3

If you shoot Canon and have any suggestions or a favourite lens, reach out for a chat.

(Lens photos from Canon)


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