Build Your Intrigue One Day at a Time

Think of the most interesting and captivating person you know, or have ever met. Now think of what made them interesting. Personally; it’s a blend of storytelling, world travel and uncommon but useful facts and experiences that make someone intriguing to me. We’re all about developing intriguing people – those that have been everywhere and can seemingly do anything – always prepared, and always ready for a good time.

Without a doubt I preach the value of being a generalist – knowing enough about everything that you can have a conversation without looking like a fool and get yourself out of a jam. Now build on that, broadening and strengthening your skills and knowledge. How to rebuild an engine, navigate a boat AND cook a meal you’re proud of are all examples of important skills. Depending on your plans, speaking another language can be the most valuable skill of all. In any case – if you want more out of life, you need to put more in.

It’s a gradual process and it should be enjoyable. Think of topics you enjoy or topics of interest and make a list. Every week take one of those things and focus on developing it until the point you can have a conversation about it. By focusing on things of interest, focusing on a new topic every week, and doing only as much as you enjoy on a daily basis, it keeps it light, enjoyable and interesting.

How you get there is often just as rewarding as the answer. There’s the obvious Wikipedia, library and YouTube – all excellent starting points but if you have the opportunity seek out industry experts and learn from them. You’d be surprised how willing most people are to talk and teach someone the basics when that person is interested in their line of work, especially if it’s outside of common interest. However you get there, just make sure to enjoy the ride.

This summer, we’re running a ‘100 days to intriguing’ series with 100 days of facts, adventures, how-tos and ideas all designed to get you off the couch and on the path to doing more and living the life you dreamed of.

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