Basic Survival Kit

Whenever you’re travelling in a remote area, regardless of location, it’s important to be prepared. You might not always need a full survival kit but the basics below will go a long way to keeping you safe. We’ve ranked these 4 items from most (#1) to least important but we recommend you carry each item.

This equipment list is designed to be compact and lightweight yet provide valuable tools. We always recommend a modular approach to survival kits to eliminate the need for duplicated equipment and ease of use.

  1. Firestarter (10x waterproof matches)
    There are many options, each with their own advantages and weaknesses. Matches are often the most fail-safe but they must be waterproof and you must have enough to account for a few broken sticks. Lighters are the next-best option and are by far the easiest to use yet sometimes break or fail. Flint-based fire starters are failsafe but are hard to use and don’t work with candles (below). If you’re going with a flint make sure you practice lighting fires before you actually need to – they’re surprisingly difficult to use.
  2. Candle (1x tea light)
    Candles are an often overlooked part of a survival kit but are invaluable when trying to quickly start a fire under less than ideal conditions. By first lighting the candle and then building a fire around it you can start a fire in the rain, with wet materials, or in the wind.
  3. Signalling Devices (1x pealess whistle, mirror)products_category_whistles_classic_black_orange_400x400
    It’s crucial that you’re able to get someone’s attention in an emergency or when lost so you’ll need at least one method, preferably a mirror and whistle at a minimum.Whenever shopping for a whistle, ensure you get a ‘pealess’ whistle so it’ll work when wet or frozen. The Fox40 whistle is undoubtably the most popular and rightly so – we highly recommend it.Signalling mirrors can be made of any reflective material but it’s important to get an unbreakable mirror both for safety and durability. Survival-specific models often have a hole in the middle of the mirror which can make aiming the reflection significantly easier.
  4. Knife
    11-wingmanA knife is an infinitely valuable tool – it can be used to cut small pieces of wood to start a fire, hunt, cut fabrics to make small sections of rope. Some people swear by a large knife with a single rigid blade but it’s all personal preference. A small, high-quality multi-tool  such as the Leatherman Wingman provides many functions in a small size but it’s important to ensure the main blade is large enough to do some serious work. Regardless of which knife or multi-tool you choose the most important thing is that it’s kept sharp!


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